The Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM-2)

Table of contents

I. Adulthood

  1. Personality Syndromes—P Axis, Nancy McWilliams & Jonathan Shedler
  2. Profile of Mental Functioning—M Axis, Vittorio Lingiardi & Robert F. Bornstein
  3. Symptom Patterns: The Subjective Experience—S Axis, Emanuela Mundo & John Allison O’Neil

II. Adolescence

4.  Profile of Mental Functioning for Adolescents—MA Axis, Nick Midgley & Mario Speranza
5. Emerging Personality Patterns and Syndromes—PA Axis, Johanna Malone & Norka Malberg
6. The Adolescent Symptom Patterns: The Subjective Experience—SA Axis, Mario Speranza


III. Childhood

  1. Profile of Mental Functioning for Children—MC Axis, Norka Malberg & Larry Rosenberg
  2. Child Personality Patterns and Difficulties—PC Axis, Norka Malberg, Larry Rosenberg, & Johanna Malone
  3. The Child Symptom Patterns: The Subjective Experience—SC Axis, Norka Malberg & Larry Rosenberg


IV. Infancy and Early Childhood

10. Mental Health and Developmental Disorders in Infancy and Early Childhood—IEC 0–3, Anna Maria Speranza & Linda Mayes

V. Later Life

11. Introduction to Part V, Franco Del Corno & Daniel Plotkin
12.Profile of Mental Functioningfor the Elderly—ME Axis, Franco Del Corno & Daniel Plotkin
13.Personality Patterns and Syndromes in the Elderly—PE Axis, Franco Del Corno & Daniel Plotkin
14.Symptom Patterns in the Elderly: The Subjective Experience—SE Axis, Franco Del Corno & Daniel Plotkin

VI. Assessment and Clinical Illustrations

15. Assessment within the PDM-2 Framework, Sherwood Waldron, Robert M. Gordon, & Francesco Gazzillo
16. Clinical Illustrations and PDM-2 Profiles, Franco Del Corno, Vittorio Lingiardi, & Nancy McWilliams

Appendix. Psychodynamic Charts (PDCs)